If you or someone you know battles anxiety or depression, you are in the right place. God has given me the opportunity to mentor and coach those seeking healing over the years and recently the need for my gifting and effectiveness in this area has been used more than ever. You do not have to remain paralyzed by anxiety or depression. Let me help.

mentorship and coaching for healing and growth





Name Your Own Price

Intorductory Session

"Jessica had an outstanding, positive influence on my son. He really looked forward to their weekly chats."

-Christi, Vidor, tx

What Is Included?

I recommend the introductory package to get started. This includes 4 one hour sessions or mentorship and coaching. Sessions include assessment of your individual needs, prayer if wanted and uncovering the root of your anxiety, depression, struggle or trauma. It also includes tools specifically for you to be able to function in ANY environment, thought guides that line up with scripture, an unbiased 3rd party mentor outlet used directly for your mental and emotional health  + more! 

The results and testimonials of these sessions are MY FAVORITE part!

All sessions are completed by me and parent's are welcome to sit in on the first session for sessions with minors. I am thankful for all the ways the Lord is using me and I can't wait to help you and your loved ones reach their full potential.

-Pastor Jessica Lewis

Name Your Own Price

Intorductory Session

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