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Stay Tuned For New Retreat Dates

Image by Mike Marquez


"Such a unique weekend of relaxing, resting in His love, and fellowship. Sessions were relevant and timely for me personally. I came home ready and equipped to face the new year."

-Deana, Orangefield, TX

Hyatt Centric Hotel

9595 Six Pines Dr Ste 1100

The Woodlands, TX 77380


Kickoff Dinner

Sisterhood and food. A perfect start to a great weekend.

Image by Sai De Silva

Raising These Kids

Navigating Milestones and Meltdowns. You're NOT alone.

Image by David Marcu

Who Dat?

Keys to finding yourself in

every season of life.

Image by Anthony Tran


Real talk about anxiety + why 'just letting it go' doesn't work.

Image by Ben Eaton


Bouncing back from pain

and disappointment.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

After Party

Dessert, Prayer, Giggles

and Girl Time.

Woman on her Tablet

Closed On Sunday

Your Health. Your Husband. Your Home. Balancing all the things!

Image by Joel Muniz


Each session will include a time for questions and response.


Our team is praying for the women who will attend the Spring Refresh Retreat. We can't wait to see you!



     6pm - Kickoff Dinner


     4pm - Trustworthy

     6pm - Raising These Kids

     9:30pm - After Party


     10am - Who Dat?

     2pm - Closed on Sunday

     4:30pm - Frozen

This is not your typical women's retreat. It is meant to provide time for growth, learning, refreshment and REST. You should not feel exhausted when returning from a retreat.


You can attend 1 day or all 3 days. You can come to 1 break out small group or come to all of them. 

You are encouraged to sleep in, get breakfast in bed, go get a pedicure, go exercise, get a massage, hang with girlfriends, hang by yourself, take a nap.

The whole point is that women work hard. Life is hard and you deserve a break. This is the retreat where you make the schedule that fits you and you don't have to explain to ANYONE.

You're welcome.

--Pastor Jessica


After dinner on Thursday night, Pastor Jessica will minister specifically to Pastor's wives in an exclusive session built just for them. If your husband is a senior or lead pastor, make plans to attend this essential, refreshing session planned and prayed over with you in mind. You constantly minister in your house and in God's house. Don't miss this powerful session and the ministry God wants to do to refresh your soul as you work tirelessly to build your family and the kingdom.

Give Me The Details

What does registration cost? $99

What does registration include? Access to all the small group break out sessions, all the desserts for the after party and a special retreat gift, just for you.

What about my hotel stay? Your travel, hotel stay and food are your responsibility. This gives you the option to stay where you want and eat where you want. You can book at they Hyatt Centric or a hotel close by and drive over to meet up. You can book a room for yourself or with friends. Either way, just get there!

How do I know if this is for me? Super-natural things happen when women gather. Years ago, women gathered ALL the time, naturally. In their kitchens, at shops and stores, family gatherings, neighborhood BBQ's, etc. These days online shopping, family dysfunction and fear of being judged by the neighbors keep us gals from gathering like we should. Let's change that. If you need to gather and need a nap and need a safe place to be yourself, it's for you. If you need someone to listen and pray over you, if you need a distraction free place to sleep and veg out and hear God's voice, it's for you. Space is limited, go ahead and save your spot.

How do I register? Registration links will be right here as soon as the next retreat dates are secured! It's super easy!

What about the schedule? The retreat is set up for you to make your own schedule. It should be easy, relaxing and fun. Do NOT stress about the schedule. Some gals will come for 2 days and stay over 1 night. Some might come stay 5 nights with friends, attend everything and stay few extra days and shop. Some will come Thursday and sleep in Friday morning AND Saturday morning and come to evening stuff and order pizza at 11pm. Pick the schedule that works for you. Come to the sessions that work for your needs and schedule. Don't feel obligated to come to everything and for goodness sake pencil in your favorite chocolate and a nap with NO ALARM set!! Thank you Jesus.

What will the sessions be like? Intimate. You will learn new things and leave a better wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter and queen of all the hats you wear. You will be refreshed and renewed. You will feel equipped and ready to SLAY!

What do I need to bring? Your Bible, a pen, a notebook, a readiness for God to restore, renew and refresh your soul!

What do I wear? Casual, authentic atmosphere. Bring comfy clothes for your downtime and something you feel cute in for when you are out. Come as you are.

Who is leading this? This event is sponsored by Chris Lewis Ministries and is led by Pastor Jessica Lewis. "It has been in my heart and on my mind for a while now and now I am being obedient in giving it legs and walking it out. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does in his girls." -Pastor Jessica

"Refresh Retreat was just that. I so needed to retreat from everything for a weekend. Just enough teaching to get me motivated and just enough down time for refreshing conversation, a massage, a walk in the park, or retail therapy."

                                                                        Debbie, Orange, TX

"This was my first time attending the Refresh Retreat with Jessica. I felt that the retreat was insightful and I learned quite a bit. It was nice to openly chat about everyday life things and not feel judged or shamed by opening up. She made me feel very comfortable to be around her. I really enjoyed being able to fellowship with new ladies and I loved how Jessica prayed for each of us specifically. I felt very good upon leaving that weekend when I was headed home. I felt like I had plenty to share with other ladies who weren't able to attend. I look forward to more retreats in the future."

                                                                         Jackie, Vidor, TX

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